1. Keep quiet and practice. 2. Shorten the strap. 3. Quit guitar. Take your choice. (´・_・`) RT Aoi saaaan (TДT) Help me orz I’m practicing the guitar for REGRET but when I play the ‘gasha gasha’ part with D→A→E→F#m in the beginning while standing, my wrists(…) [[The rest of this tweet got cut out and for some reason I couldn’t even find it among Mentions.]]

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…layin the smackdown


To Toshiya-kun I only became a shakaijin (person part of society) for only 1 month then quit and became a freeter. What kinds of part-time job has Toshiya-kun done up until now?


I’ll go ahead and say this. ‘Pure and innocent’ and ‘the GazettE’s Aoi’ are synonymous.
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I was a Flying squirrel in my last birth so please excuse me for being nocturnal! Me being adorable in some respects is surely due to that. RT You get very active at night. Do you have a lot of trouble sleeping? (;´ρ`)
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Reita: This is a story from when I went to a driving school. They were conducting tests for temporary licenses there, and you couldn’t get your license if you couldn’t pass the test. After the test, my friend was really depressed about how he went. Then, when the instructor told everyone that all had passed expect one, I burst out laughing. I couldn’t stop, and asked him “You can’t be the only one who failed, right?” But the one who failed was actually me.

All: Ahahahahahahaha! (roar of laughter)

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Byo: I am the bullying and Jin is the bullied character. (laughs) In the band it is normal like that, too, where I am the offending character and Jin is the protecting character. If we were married, I’d be the dad and he’d be the mom. Somehow, this example is kinda gay. (laughs)
ARENA37c SPECIAL Vol. 72 September 2010
Byo X Jin from SCREW
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Some people think I called myself 麗 because my stage-appearance (綺麗) is beautiful. I hate it! It’s the insides that make us human.
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Reita: Concerning the lyrics, there are various reactions from the fans. There are people who are like “Give us a translation of the English lyrics”, too. Even us [the other Gaze-members], since we don’t understand the meaning of Ruki’s English lyrics we ask him to translate them for us and thus we get to see things a lil’ bit from the fans’ point of view (laughs)

…It’s okay, Reita, we often don’t understand the meaning of Ruki’s English lyrics either. XDDD

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Sing your heart out for the one you love.
Sing like there’s no one listening.
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